A Special Thanks

Club 100 & the Ampersand Lanyard would have not have been possible without:

Eva, KNOMO London. For her thoughtful design of the Ampersand Lanyard.

Laura, Inc & Co. For her support and refinement of the Club 100 & Ampersand Lanyard concept.

Laura & Hannah, Inc & Co. For tirelessly finding the best benefits and always thinking of their fellow employees.

Becky, Inc & Co. For making sure all staff get a welcome pack each time they join.

Lynne, Inc & Co. For believing in her team and driving a culture of honesty and transparency and for always putting her People first.
And for being the inspiration behind the Purple theme for the Club 100 website.

Oli, KNOMO London – For his leadership and direction in the development of the Ampersand Lanyard.

Tony & Emily Carr. For their leather goods specialism and craftsmanship in manufacturing the Ampersand Lanyard.

And a thank you to Anita, Dickson, James & Patrik and all those not mentioned who helped make Club 100 and the Ampersand Lanyard possible.

Change Log

Find out what’s changing and when something new has been added to Club 100.

Added info on what Lightning Perks are and how to redeem them.

Added About page

Added coming soon pages for Perks and Giving.

Added a clearer description of what Baldwins offer.

Added a clearer description of what a ‘Benefit’ is and what a ‘Perk’ is.

New change log feature to track updates, new benefits and more. 

Added Events section to showcase upcoming events.