Club 100 & the Ampersand Lanyard would have not have been possible without:

Eva, KNOMO London. For her thoughtful design of the Ampersand Lanyard.

Laura, Inc & Co. For her support and refinement of the Club 100 & Ampersand Lanyard concept.

Laura & Hannah, Inc & Co. For tirelessly finding the best benefits and always thinking of their fellow employees.

Lynne, Inc & Co. For believing in her team and driving a culture of honesty and transparency and for always putting her People first.
And for being the inspiration behind the Purple theme for the Club 100 website.

Oli, KNOMO London – For his leadership and direction in the development of the Ampersand Lanyard.

Tony & Emily Carr. For their leather goods specialism and craftsmanship in manufacturing the Ampersand Lanyard.

And a thank you to Anita, Dickson, James & Patrik and all those not mentioned who helped make Club 100 and the Ampersand Lanyard possible.