Inc & Co Welcome Gifts
Club 100 is what we call our company benefits at Inc & Co.  All employees at Inc & Co receive a beautiful welcome pack, that includes a laser etched Chilly’s water bottle, custom-designed Ampersand Lanyard and Club 100 membership card, to use across our ever-expanding list of companies. The Ampersand Lanyard was designed by Eva Rawson, Head Designer at KNOMO London, and manufactured in collaboration with leather goods specialists Tony & Emily Carr, whose workshop is based in the New Forest. Using locally sourced, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, the Ampersand Lanyard is a celebration of British craftsmanship & timeless design with a personal touch. That is why you will find both the Inc & Co and KNOMO London logos proudly embossed on your Ampersand Lanyard.


The origin of the ampersand can be traced back to the Latin word ‘et’, meaning ‘and’. The E and the T that make up this word were occasionally written together to form a ligature (a character consisting of two or more joined letters). Writing the word this way saved the writer time, with one letter flowing seamlessly into the next – a form of cursive or joined-up writing.

It’s impossible to say precisely when the symbol was first written down, but an early example has been found as graffiti on a wall in Italy around 100 AD.

Our ampersand, the connection between INClusivity and COllaboration, is a symbol of how we as a Group welcome everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and diverse views. Through this mutual connection, we collaborate and work together towards a shared vision and common goals.

We’ve taken inspiration from the origins of the ampersand to create one destination for all your company benefits.

Welcome to Club 100.